Tenant  &  Landlord  Representation

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For the Tenant looking for a new business location, existing lease renegotiation, or new lease/expansion needs, Colonial Commercial Realty gives the Tenant a buffer between the Landlord and Tenant, acting as a safeguard for past and future relationships. As Tenant Rep, we will negotiate for the Tenant to ensure that the best possible deal is obtained. Usingfacts based on existing market data, comparable properties, and an understanding ofthemacro and micro market supply and demand.

For the Landlord seeking solutions with Tenants, whether initial developmentmarketing, Tenant Turnover, or renegotiations, Colonial Commercial Realty brings market knowledge to advise the Landlord’s expectations, create the marketing plan for leasing, and negotiate with prospects based market data and needs. We will communicate and coordinate with all necessary properties to conclusion of an executed Lease.